Holiday properties

In Advanced Task Scheduler Professional and Network Editions it is possible to run a task on work days, non-work days or holidays. Generally, there are two ways no define a holiday in Advanced Task Scheduler: specify fixed dates or allow Advanced Task Scheduler to calculate date of a holiday using common techniques such as first/second/etc. […]

Service control

Configuration Advanced Task Scheduler Service configuration. These options are available in Network Edition only. Language Language group allows you to change language interface of the program. If you want to translate this program to your language please read the Translation topic. Connection Connection group allows you to change connection settings. To connect to the service […]

Execution log

Task execution extended log. If you have any problems with your scheduled task, please send this log to our Support Service. There is much more chance that we solve your problem if you send us this log. To copy execution log to another application: right click anywhere on the log text, select the Select all […]

Standby/hibernate options

Wake up computer if it is in the standby or hibernate mode when task shall start Because computer does not do any operations in the standby or hibernate mode, it is only possible to wake up computer at a specified time. Therefore, you should use time-based schedule types. Tip: Some computers go back to sleep […]

User account options

User accounts (All users only) Start this task only if one of the following users is logged on and active If this option is selected, the task will only be started if the active user is on the list. If the user is not on the list, the task will not be started. If this […]

Schedule properties

Configuration of scheduled task schedules. At this time, Advanced Task Scheduler supports the following schedule types: Do not run; Run once; Run secondly; Run minutely; Run hourly; Run daily; Run weekly; Run monthly; Run yearly; Run on startup; Run on hot key; Run on computer idle; Run on Internet connection; Logon watch; Window watch; Process […]

Shortcut properties

Configuration of scheduled task shortcuts. At this time, Advanced Task Scheduler supports the following shortcut types: Statement; Launch application; Display message; Ask message; Service; Kill process; Destroy window; Establish Dial-up connection; Hangup Dial-up connection; Play sound; Turn off/reboot/log off; Send network message; Send e-mail message; Send key sequence; HTTP download; FTP download; FTP upload; FTP […]

Task properties

Task name Name if the task. This name will appear by the task icon on the task list in Advanced Task Scheduler's main window. Schedule options Starting scheduled tasks is defined by the following options: Schedule task starting on this date Task will be scheduled starting on specified date.With this option, you can delay running […]

User settings

Storage Select the way Advanced Task Scheduler's setting and task list are stored. Professional and Network Editions: You can choose between system registry and local disk folder. Also you can encrypt your settings and task list if you are running Professional or Network Edition. Note: If you are using encryption, you will need to enter […]

Service settings

Service Click the Install service button to install the Advanced Task Scheduler Service. The service will be started and set up to start automatically every time the computer starts up. To uninstall service click the Uninstall service button. Scheduled tasks from the all users tab will not run if the Advanced Task Scheduler Service is […]

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