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Advanced Task Scheduler 4

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of the Advanced Task Scheduler 4! It’s already available for download from our website.

In addition to several minor fixes, the most notable significant fixes and updates in Advanced Task Scheduler 4.0 are:

  • OpenSSL security vulnerability fixes, including MiTM (man in the middle attack) fix.
  • The important bug that prevented sorting groups properly fixed.
  • Application crash on error message in Print task list fixed.
  • Now it is possible to include the return code of an action in an email body in Advanced Task Scheduler Professional and Network editions. For instance, you can include the number of files uploaded in the email body for the proceeding step.

Besides the above changes, Advanced Task Scheduler 4.0 has been successfully tested in Windows 10 Technical Preview, which is a pre-release build of the OS designed for testing, evaluation and feedback.

Don’t wait any longer download and try Advanced Task Scheduler 4!

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  • Spread the word about this tool
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  • If you ever need help, you’re always welcome to contact our professional support team
  • Read our blog to stay tuned for news, updates and everything that goes on with Advanced Task Scheduler. And do give us feedback on how we’re doing!

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I use Advanced Task Scheduler to run my backups jobs. After performing a backup by standard Windows 2003 Server means, Advanced Task Scheduler launches a script which copies files. I am glad I chose your program.

Rob Hannigan

Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.
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