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Advanced Task Scheduler comes in three separate products: Advanced Task Scheduler, Advanced Task Scheduler Professional and Advanced Task Scheduler Network.

Compare features of all products and see which one suits your needs better:

FeatureAdvanced Task SchedulerProfessional EditionNetwork Edition
Schedule tasks for current user and for all users in the systemYesYesYes
Start task only if one of the users specified in the global settings is logged on and activeYesYesYes
Start task only if one of the users specified in the task settings is logged on and active YesYes
Do not run task when its another instance is being executed YesYes
Wake up computer from standby or hibernate mode YesYes
Start task as a user by passwordless authorization YesYes
Store settings and task list in the system registryYesYesYes
Store settings and task list in a folder YesYes
Encrypt settings and task list YesYes
Write log to a file.YesYesYes
Send log to email (one entry per email)YesYesYes
Send log to email (once a day/week/month) YesYes
Schedule hidden tasks when no logged on usersYesYesYes
Shortcut types
One shortcut for each taskYes  
Several shortcuts for each task. All shortcuts executed one by one. YesYes
Control statements which allows evaluating a sequence of shortcuts when condition is true and evaluating a different sequence of shortcuts when condition is not true. YesYes
Execute applicationYesYesYes
Save stdout to the log YesYes
Terminate application if it is running for specified time YesYes
Display messageYesYesYes
Start/stop/pause/continue a serviceYesYesYes
Kill processYesYesYes
Destroy windowYesYesYes
Play audioYesYesYes
Record videoYesYesYes
Take pictureYesYesYes
Take screenshotYesYesYes
Turn off/reboot/log off computerYesYesYes
Send network messageYesYesYes
Send e-mail messageYesYesYes
Send key sequenceYesYesYes
HTTP/HTTPS downloadYesYesYes
FTP/FTPS/SFTP upload/download/deleteYesYesYes
Copy/move/delete filesYesYesYes
Zip/Unzip archiveYesYesYes
IE Automation YesYes
Schedule types
One schedule for each taskYes  
Several schedules for each task. Task is executed when one of the schedule types is triggered. YesYes
Complex schedule types when each schedule type includes all previous schedule types. For example Daily schedule type includes Hourly schedule type which allows you to run your task hourly only in specified days. YesYes
Run onceYesYesYes
Run secondlyYesYesYes
Run minutelyYesYesYes
Run hourlyYesYesYes
Run dailyYesYesYes
Run weeklyYesYesYes
Run monthlyYesYesYes
Run yearlyYesYesYes
Run on startupYesYesYes
Hot KeyYesYesYes
Computer idleYesYesYes
Computer ceases idleYesYesYes
Internet connectionYesYesYes
Logon watch YesYes
Window watch YesYes
Process watch YesYes
File watch YesYes
Run on holiday YesYes
Randomized time YesYes
Client/Server features
Client and server on different computers  Yes
Connect server via TCP/IP protocol  Yes
Connect server by secure SSL connection  Yes
Unlimited clients can connect to one server  Yes
Can be used in remote environments  Yes
Replicated tasks  Yes
API to manage tasks via TCP/IP programmatically  Yes
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