I had the pleasure of purchasing Advanced Task Scheduler, an incredibly versatile, advanced windows task scheduler. This program has taken the Windows Task Scheduler to a new level. The customer service is superb. I needed a specific modification to the program, and they accommodated it by sending me a patch. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Dr. Jay Stockman

We use Advanced Task Scheduler in a custom php / mysql environment for critical telecoms applications. We have found it simple to use and reliable. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The support we have received from South software for the one system glitch we have ever had was the best I have come across on the internet in over 15 years.

Thanks TipTelecom UK

I use Advanced Task Scheduler to run my backups jobs. After performing a backup by standard Windows 2003 Server means, Advanced Task Scheduler launches a script which copies files. I am glad I chose your program.

Rob Hannigan

A few years ago I got a license to Advanced Task Scheduler Professional for translating it to my native language. Thank you very much for the software, I really appreciate your software.

M. Andersen

Thanks for continuing to improve the program. This program is great, powerful, and simple.

Elisabeth Jones

I have to say you/your company has one of the best customer service setups in IT. I’m working on Saturday and you incredibly respond soon after I email! I’m a definite fan.

Jim Harrer

I am a CPA and have used Advanced Task Scheduler Professional to automate many tasks both as part of my firm, as well as client accounting processes. I am very impressed with the power and flexibility of the software. Also, I am very appreciative of the scripts that you have written for me to help me automatically log into websites and download information. I look forward to continuing to find more uses of this software. Thanks.

Jeff Barba, CPA

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  1. svc says:

    Retired IT consultant, now a computer hobbyist, using ATS to eliminate disparate schedulers and synchronize tasks (e.g., DB maint. and system backups), pushing batch files across W2K, W2K3 and OS/2 EBS servers, centrally managed from my Linux desktop. Very pleased to be using ATS.

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