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Windows Task Scheduler

Advanced Task Scheduler vs. Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler is a simple task scheduler, built into Windows. It provides the ability to schedule the launch of programs or scripts at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals. By contrast, Advanced Task Scheduler is vastly more powerful and versatile than the Windows Task Scheduler. It includes many build-in actions, provides more scheduling options and flexible schedule types. The table below compares features of Advanced Task Scheduler and Windows Task Scheduler.

Comparison chart

Feature Windows Task Scheduler 1.0 Windows Task Scheduler 2.0 Advanced Task Scheduler 4.3 Advanced Task Scheduler Professional 4.3 Advanced Task Scheduler Network 4.3
Support of Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Support of Windows Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, 8   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphical User Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Error handling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited number of actions per task       Yes Yes
Wake computer to run task   Yes   Yes Yes
Schedule hidden tasks when no logged on users     Yes Yes Yes
Shortcut types
Control statements       Yes Yes
Execute application Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Display message   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send e-mail message   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send network message     Yes Yes Yes
Play sound     Yes Yes Yes
Start/stop/pause/continue a service     Yes Yes Yes
Kill process     Yes Yes Yes
Destroy window     Yes Yes Yes
Establish Dial-Up connection     Yes Yes Yes
Hangup Dial-Up connection     Yes Yes Yes
Turn off/reboot/log off computer     Yes Yes Yes
Send key sequence     Yes Yes Yes
HTTP/HTTPS download     Yes Yes Yes
FTP/FTPS/SFTP upload/download/delete     Yes Yes Yes
Copy/move/delete files     Yes Yes Yes
Zip/Unzip archive     Yes Yes Yes
Internal portable Perl and Python interpreters     Yes Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Automation       Yes Yes
ODBC SQL       Yes Yes
Schedule types
Complex schedule types       Yes Yes
Run once Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run secondly     Yes Yes Yes
Run minutely     Yes Yes Yes
Run hourly     Yes Yes Yes
Run daily Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run weekly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run monthly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run yearly     Yes Yes Yes
Run on startup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hot Key     Yes Yes Yes
Computer idle   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computer ceases idle     Yes Yes Yes
Internet connection     Yes Yes Yes
Logon watch   Yes   Yes Yes
Window watch       Yes Yes
Process watch       Yes Yes
File watch       Yes Yes
Run on holiday       Yes Yes
Randomized time       Yes Yes
Client/Server features
Client and server on different computers         Yes
Connect server via TCP/IP protocol         Yes
Connect server by secure SSL connection         Yes
Unlimited clients can connect to one server         Yes
Can be used in remote environments         Yes

From the table above you can find that Advanced Task Scheduler greatly extends features of Windows Task Scheduler. At the same time, Advanced Task Scheduler does not depend on Windows Task Scheduler, and provides its own scheduling engine, which makes Advanced Task Scheduler suitable to handle complex environments.

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