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Standby/hibernate options

Wake up computer if it is in the standby or hibernate mode when task shall start
Because computer does not do any operations in the standby or hibernate mode, it is only possible to wake up computer at a specified time. Therefore, you should use time-based schedule types.

Tip: Some computers go back to sleep automatically after they wake up and you do not touch the mouse or keyboard within a few minutes. If that is your case, please read the System automatically enters sleep after waking from sleep topic.

Turn on monitor before executing this task
You can use this option to be sure that the monitor is turned on when the task is being executed.

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I had the pleasure of purchasing Advanced Task Scheduler, an incredibly versatile, advanced windows task scheduler. This program has taken the Windows Task Scheduler to a new level. The customer service is superb. I needed a specific modification to the program, and they accommodated it by sending me a patch. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Dr. Jay Stockman

Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.
Disk Space: Under 30 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 32-bit or 64-bit.