Standby/hibernate options

Wake up computer if it is in the standby or hibernate mode when task shall start
You can use this option to wake up your computer from standby or hibernation mode before executing the task.

  • Because computer does not do any operations in the standby or hibernation mode, it is only possible to wake up computer at a specified time. Therefore, you should use time-based schedule types.
  • You may have to enable wake timers in the power settings on your PC: go to Control Panel \ System and Security \ Power Options, click the "Change plan settings", then "Change advanced power settings", then expand the "Sleep" section and enable the "Allow wake timers" option.
  • You may have to enable a wake timer feature in the BIOS. Please check your hardware manual as this option has different names depending on the manufacturer.
  • Some computers go back to sleep automatically after they wake up and you do not touch the mouse or keyboard within a few minutes. If that is your case, please read the System automatically enters sleep after waking from sleep topic.

Turn on monitor before executing this task
You can use this option to be sure that the monitor is turned on when the task is being executed.

Note: Both of these features depend on the hardware configuration, so you need to test them in your environment to guarantee that they work.

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