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Perl scripting in Advanced Task Scheduler

Internal and standard Perl interpreter
Advanced Task Scheduler comes with internal portable Perl interpreter. You only need to install Advanced Task Scheduler, create a Perl script task and use all Perl scripting power.

Perl Task
Perl Execution Log

Getting Perl version
The script below displays current Perl version to the task execution log:

print "Version: $]";

Current task’s arguments
The script below displays the %advscheduler hash variable to the task execution log:

foreach $key (keys %advscheduler) {
  print $key, "=", $advscheduler{$key}, "\n";

Load code from external files
The script below runs Perl code from the file:

require '';

For portable Perl the file must be located in the current directory or in a directory listed in the Additional library path option in the Scripts section of the Preferences window. For installed Perl the file must be located in the current directory or in a directory listed in the PERL5LIB environment variable.

Commander features
Perl script can call some Advanced Task Scheduler features via the Command line tool. The example below demonstrates how to send an e-mail message to a GMail address:

"Text") == 0 or die "system @args failed: $?"

Where $commander is file name and path to the Command line tool: advscheduler_commander.exe, advscheduler_procmd.exe (Professional Edition) or advscheduler_netcmd.exe (Network Edition). Command line described in the Command line tool topic.

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I had the pleasure of purchasing Advanced Task Scheduler, an incredibly versatile, advanced windows task scheduler. This program has taken the Windows Task Scheduler to a new level. The customer service is superb. I needed a specific modification to the program, and they accommodated it by sending me a patch. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Dr. Jay Stockman

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