Perl scripting in Advanced Task Scheduler

With Advanced Task Scheduler, you can run a Perl script right from a scheduled task. The script will be passed to the interpreter, and output will appear in the task's execution log when the script completes execution.

Perl Task
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Getting Perl version
The script below displays current Perl version to the task execution log:

print "Version: $]";

Current task's arguments
The script below displays the %advscheduler hash variable to the task execution log:

foreach $key (keys %advscheduler) {
print $key, "=", $advscheduler{$key}, "\n";

Load code from external files
The script below runs Perl code from the file:

require '';

Commander features
Perl script can call some Advanced Task Scheduler features via the Command line tool. The example below demonstrates how to send an e-mail message to a GMail address:

"Text") == 0 or die "system @args failed: $?"

Where $commander is file name and path to the Command line tool: advscheduler_commander.exe, advscheduler_procmd.exe (Professional Edition) or advscheduler_netcmd.exe (Network Edition). Command line described in the Command line tool topic.

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  1. Southsoftware says:

    If you want to run a basic Perl script, which does not require additional modules, consider this Compact Portable Perl for Windows. This is a regular Perl built from original sources and packed into a single executable file. The packed executable is a lightweight all-in-one Perl interpreter, which includes a virtual file system that works like a read-only RAM-disk. Perl includes all standard modules, excluding CPAN module, which can’t work with this portable Perl.

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