Fix “The requested resource is in use (170)” error

Usually, the "The requested resource is in use (170)" status in the "Last start status" column means that the task is currently being executed. Advanced Task Scheduler starts task as a separate process and waits until it's finished.

From version 5.0 and later Advanced Task Scheduler displays status icon and human readable message in the "Last start status" column.

"The requested resource is in use" may mean the following:

  • If displayed with arrow icon, then the task is currently running. In this case the number of running instances is displayed in round brackets next to the icon.
  • If displayed with stop icon, then the task has finished with that error (you can find more information on the "Execution Log" tab of the "Task Properties" window).
  • You stopped the service while the task was running and that's the last remembered status.

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