Managing scheduled tasks programmatically

The best way to edit tasks programmatically would be over TCP/IP connection with Network edition.

Since version 6.1 Advanced Task Scheduler Network includes header files and sample program to manage tasks programmatically.

To install header files and sample program, select the "Development" feature during setup. When setup finishes, the development files will be available in the "devel" folder in the folder where Advanced Task Scheduler Network is installed (usually, C:\Program files\Advanced Task Scheduler Network).

Currently, the sample progam demonstrates how to connect to the server and supports the following commands: listall, listgroup, listtask, addsampletask, runtasknow, help.
The command line format:
sample [command] [-s server:port] [-p password] [-g guid]
where -s - server's name or ip address, and port number.
-p - password, will be required if the server is password-protected.
-g - for listgroup, addsampletask - group's guid, for listtask, runtasknow - task's guid.

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