Display message

With this type of scheduled task selected, Advanced Task Scheduler displays popup messages on the screen. Popup messages will help you not forget about the important things, which you have planned to get done.

Message text
Text of the message to be displayed.

Sound file
When message appears, this sound will be played. If you want to be sure that you will be notified of some event, select a sound file here. Thus, you will not only see the message, but will also hear the message sound.

Show message as popup window
Popup message window consists of task name, text message and control button.

Show message as transparent window near Task Bar
Transparent window will be displayed near your task bar. This option is only available in Windows 2000, XP and later.

Show message as balloon near task bar
Standard balloon will be displayed near your task bar. You can close it by clicking anywhere on the balloon area by left mouse button. Note that balloon will disappear after some time of inactivity. This option is only available in Windows XP and later.

Background image
If you select the Show message as popup window option, you can specify a background image for the popup window.

Returning codes
Error code: Error code of starting the command
Exit code: Error code of displaying the message

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