Advanced Task Scheduler can automatically establish Remote Access Service and Wireless Network connections. In the task settings, you can specify how many times the program should attempt establishing the connection in case errors occur.

Remote Access Service
Establish a Remote Access Service (VPN, Dial-up, SLIP, PPP, PPPoE, L2TP) connection from your phone book.

Version 4.5 and later: If the connection with the specified phone book entry is already connected, this command simply returns success and does nothing.

If establishing Remote Access Service connection returns "Invalid parameter" error, you still can view extended error information on the "Execution log" tab of the "Task Properties" window. If Execution log shows only an error number, you can find error description by its number in the Routing and Remote Access Error Codes.

Wireless Network
Version 4.5 and later: Establish a Wireless (Wi-fi) connection on the the specified interface with the specified profile.

If the specified interface is already connected to a wireless network, this command will first disconnect from the currently connected network, then attempt to connect to the new network. However, if these two networks are the same this command simply returns success and does nothing.

Returning codes
Error code: Error code of starting the command
Exit code: Number of connections established

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