This shortcut type allows executing a SQL Query via ODBC data source (Professional and Network Editions only).

If a query is a SELECT statement that returns a set of rows as output, the output will be saved in the execution log. The number of rows will be returned in the Exit code. The number of rows is the sum of number of rows affected by each query, if no rows are affected, then the number of rows in the output.

Connection string
An ODBC data source or ODBC driver connection string. ODBC connection string varies for different ODBC drivers. Please consult with your ODBC driver manual for ODBC connection string format.

SQL queries
A set of SQL queries that will be executed one by one. Queries must be properly escaped according to the database rules. Each query will be passed to the driver in Unicode. It is the driver's responsibility to encode and collate the query.

Save output to file
Since version 6.0, query results can be saved to the specified file.

SQL Options

Treat output charset as
Character set of the output data. This option does not affect SQL query. For example, you can pass the "Charset=UTF8;" attribute to MySQL ODBC Driver to receive output in UTF8.

Use maximum length of field
If the field data is longer than the specified length, then the data will be truncated.

Use timeout
Timeout of the operation, in seconds.

Returning codes
Error code: Error code of starting the command
Exit code: Number of rows

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