Configuration of the scheduler's startup properties.

Start on system logon
When this option is selected, Advanced Task Scheduler starts automatically when you logon to Windows. If Advanced Task Scheduler is not running - scheduled tasks from the current user tab will not be run either (scheduled tasks from the all users tab will run as long as the Advanced Task Scheduler Service is running).

Add icon to Alt-Tab dialog when minimized
Normally, windows that are minimized to system tray do not appear in the dialog window, which appears when you press Alt-Tab, and they cannot be opened without the mouse. If this option is selected, the Advanced Task Scheduler icon will be added to the Alt-Tab dialog even when the program is minimized to system tray.

Show time in Status Bar
This option allows displaying current time in the status bar of Advanced Task Scheduler's main window.

Show "Tip of the Day" window at startup
If this option is selected, every time Advanced Task Scheduler starts it will display the "Tip of The Day" window.

Ask before exit
With this option selected, Advanced Task Scheduler asks for confirmation before the closing.

Hot key

Configuration of the scheduler's startup properties.

Use this hotkey for easy access to the program
Advanced Task Scheduler's main window can be restored by pressing the selected hotkey. Select this option and in the hotkey entry field press the hotkey, which you will use for restoring Advanced Task Scheduler. Advanced Task Scheduler's main window will appear when you press the hotkey even when you are working in another application.


Language group allows you to change language interface of the program. If you want to translate this program on your language please read the Translation topic.

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