Service is disabled

Scheduling service is disabled in the Options section of the [Username] tab of the preferences window.

If service is enabled, but some scheduled tasks do not work, please make sure all additional files such as shutdown.dll, zip32z64.dll, unzip32.dll, advscheduler_broker.exe, advscheduler_commander.exe, advscheduler_procmd.exe (Professional Edition) or advscheduler_netcmd.exe (Network Edition) and advscheduler_service.exe, advscheduler_prosvc.exe (Professional Edition) or advscheduler_netsvc.exe (Network Edition) are located in the same folder as advscheduler_admin.exe, advscheduler_proadm.exe (Professional Edition) or advscheduler_netadm.exe (Network Edition) file. If Advanced Task Scheduler is started as service the reason why some scheduled tasks are not working should be recorded in the Events Log.

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