Take picture

This task type takes a picture from the specified video capturing device.

Camera device
Select video capturing device. If this field is blank, the first device in the enumeration list will be used.

Preferred resolution
Resolution of the video. The actual resolution will be the closest resolution that is supported by the video capturing device.

Image format
Format of the image (bmp, jpg or png).

Image quality
Quality of the image (jpg only).

Image file
The file where the image will be saved.

If this task ends up with the "Cannot complete this function" error, you still can view extended error information on the "Execution log" tab of the "Task Properties" window. If Execution log shows only an error number, you can find error description by its number in the DirectShow Error and Success Codes.

Returning codes
Error code: Error code of starting the command
Exit code: Error code of taking picture

Categories: Manual, Shortcut type

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