Task properties

Task name
Name if the task. This name will appear by the task icon on the task list in Advanced Task Scheduler's main window.

Schedule options
Starting scheduled tasks is defined by the following options:

Schedule task starting on this date Task will be scheduled starting on specified date.
With this option, you can delay running scheduled task until the date entered.
Do not schedule task after this date This option disables running scheduled task after the date entered.
Start task during startup if overdue, but on the specified day If Advanced Task Scheduler will start later than the task's run time on the specified date, the task will be started upon Advanced Task Scheduler startup.
Example: if your scheduled task is to be run at 2pm, but you turned your computer on only at 3pm on that day with this option selected, your scheduled task will be run on Advanced Task Scheduler startup.
Remove task if it must no longer be run When task must no longer be run, (when the option Do not schedule task after this date is selected and current date is greater than specified in this option) the task will be removed from the list of scheduled tasks.

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